Get Perfect Remy Hair Extension To Style Up Your Hair

Are you tired of trying different remedies for your hair? Do you want to think about having supplementary pills to thicken your hair?

Do you want to go for the color treatments, because they are too many chemicals in there? Here is a solution with which you don’t need to harm your hair to style it. Just have a remy hair extension, and it will do all the magic for you.

The first thing which comes to your mind is that what is a remy hair extension? Right? So the answer is that remy human hair is the highest grade of real, human hair extension. remy hair extension preserves the hair’s cuticles and aligns them in a unidirectional fashion. This process helps the extension in being completely natural, shiny, silky and completely tangle free throughout its lifetime.

Difference between remy Hair Extension and Synthetic Hair Extension.

  1. How hair extensions are made

Human Hair Extensions are made of real human hair, which is collected from donors. The remy hairs mean, that they are in one flow at the time of collection. It allows almost no tangles from top to bottom.

In other hands, synthetic hair extension doesn’t contain any real human hair, but various synthetic, blended fibers. These fibers are usually very fine plastic fibers which are manufactured to imitate real human hairs.

  1. The variety of color & style.

You can do any color and style in your remy extension hair, which you are doing in your original hairs. Just you need to take care of your hair as you are taking care of your original hairs.

While in synthetic hair, you can’t color it as most of the products are having ammonia or bleach which will simply destroy the synthetic hairs. Moreover, you can not pick any style with your synthetic hair extension. Because heat will destroy them, so using a curling iron, straightener, or blow dryer will melt the fiber or it will make it severely damaged.

  1. Quality:

With remy hair extension, you can pick any style you want, all you have to do is just take nice care of it, exactly as you are taking care of your original hairs. It will last for more than a year if it has taken good care. Moreover, it will look and feel more natural, rather than synthetic hairs.

While synthetic hairs will be severely damaged if a single point will go out of your mind. Like sun heat, blow dry, bleach, or any kind of hair color. You cant pick any style, as it will not blond and flow with your original hairs. Moreover, even if taken very nice care it will last for some months only.


So, here are the differences between remy hair extension and synthetic hair extension. It is very clear that remy hair extension is a really worthy option if you are choosing to go with hair extension,and to getting remy hair extension is a really nice option if you are going to have a remy hair extension.

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